We can supply you with everything you need for new employees.

Keeping You Legal

Employment law changes, don’t get caught out.

Employment law changes frequently; we will keep on top of these changes, and alert you to legal updates when they are relevant to you. We keep our standard policies up to date, so that as the law changes we will adjust policies as needed. This means you can relax knowing that your employment policies will always be up to date with the law. We also add new policies from time to time.

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Support in Handling Disputes

Professional, confidential support for you and your team

Anyone running a business will need to handle some form of workplace dispute at some time. An employee making a complaint may become a grievance and therefore starting a formal process.

Our HR consultants are there when you need them, whether it is to talk about an HR issue with one of your team or to support you personally. We are happy to support your business by email, by phone, and when needed on your site. We can give you qualified advice, but we also make it practical for small businesses like yours.

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Company Policies and Procedures

Getting everyone on the same page

We can supply your business with templates covering company operating procedures and HR policies, where appropriate. We often find that one size does not fit all, so we can prepare employee documentation to suit your business.

We aim to help you protect your business against legal claims and comply with the current employment legislation.

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Employee Handbook

Clarity for you and your team

An employee handbook is not a legal requirement but we recommend that you have a small friendly booklet/document for your employees. These can be printed or provided electronically.

Employment policies can set out how your employees should behave and how they should represent your business. This is especially important when a new employee joins as it helps them understand company expectations and goes a long way to preventing issues in the future.

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Employment Contracts

Custom created employment contracts to protect you and your team

Employment law requires you to give a written employment contract to all your employees before or on the day they start working for you.

There are several types of employment contracts; it is important you use the right contract for your business. This is not difficult and we have standard templates to help you.

As no two businesses are alike, we recommend an employment contract is drawn up specifically for your business, this does not need to run to many pages, but it will then reflect your business needs more accurately.

If you already have employment contracts in place, we can review these to see if they are still relevant for your business and are legally compliant.

Once a year after you join us, we can check-in to see if your company’s needs have changed and whether we need to reflect this in your employment documentation.

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Redundancy and Other Dismissals

Ensuring your business understands the correct procedure

Going through a potential redundancy process can be very stressful for any business, especially so for a small business that has many competing priorities.

We can work with you to ensure you follow the correct procedure as well as support you with all the required documentation. If it helps you, we can come to your site and manage the process with you.

There are some basic first steps before you proceed – Contact us first!


Sickness and Absence

Treating people fairly and within the law

You are busy running your business and you may not know how to deal with sickness absence. It is important to treat employees fairly and in compliance with the law.

Short-term absence is really difficult for you to manage, you may need to get temporary staff at short notice, or else it can put a strain on your small team.

We recommend some simple steps to ensure that employees have an understanding of what is expected of them.

When your employee returns to work have a conversation with them about their absence and make a record of the conversation.

Long-term absence is a major concern to a small business but this is an area we really recommend you get advice. We will support you through the various options for example making adjustments or supporting a phased return to work. However, if you think the employee may not come back to work we can also discuss what other options you may have.

Family Leave – there are a wide range of leave types and sometimes events that fall under these provisions don’t go to plan and complications arise. We can help with offering clarity in what can be a tricky time for an employee, ensuring we support you so you can support your employee.

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The Disciplinary Process

How to act fairly and responsibly

Going through a Disciplinary process with one of your employees is stressful and can have a real impact on the whole business.

Employers need to follow the correct legal procedure to prevent your business from getting a claim for unfair dismissal. There are some clear steps that can be found on the ACAS website (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service), but we can support you every step of the process, including offering support on-site, or training one of your team to conduct parts or all of the process.

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If you do not contact us, then please do go to www.acas.org.uk to understand the legal process as well as how to handle the meetings themselves.


Employment Law Advice

We help you keep on the right side of the law

The UK employment law is constantly changing, with regular advice and support businesses can avoid costly claims.

We can provide guidance on a variety of employment situations with a view to preventing situations from arising.  We have legal partners who can support us/you with more unusual or serious situations such as discrimination claims.

We can advise you in advance of any changes to the employment law that you might need to know about. For example, how will the new minimum wage pay rates affect your business next year? We can also prepare letters to send out to your employees to inform them of any such changes.

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Finding the right people for your business

All of our team members have been involved in recruitment across many industry sectors. Each business and role has its own specific selection methods and we will offer guidance and undertake each element as appropriate.

  • Drafting the advert and other associated documents including job descriptions and person specifications.
  • Review CVs and other supporting application materials
  • Telephone and Teams style screening: we can arrange for this outside regular office hours where needed to ensure we speak to potential candidates as soon as possible.
  • Submit a summary of candidate status at all stages of the process.
  • Check right to work and references together with preparing contracts and offers having supported you through the negotiation of any specific employment terms.
  • Support you through the new employees’ induction and early days as necessary.

Assessment days/Sessions/Group Interviews

Our team can run these for your business if required. Whether it be for seasonal work or high volumes of candidates need to be assessed in an efficient way.

We can also support your business with Graduate/Intern assessment centres.

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