HR Director

Tracey - HR Director

We will work with you to fully understand your business and its priorities. However, there could be an event, either planned or unexpected which could either change the industry in which you specialise or significantly require you to alter your business direction, strategy, or structure.

As your HR director, we will work with you if:

  • You are expanding your business either with a large recruitment project or coming together with another business. We will offer you support and guidance with regard to the TUPE transfer of new employees whilst considering the implications of their employees’ rights from their previous employer.
  • Support you as an experienced business manager in the due diligence work in partnership with your financial advisor.
  • If your business has suffered a recent downturn and you need to restructure your workforce. Guildford HR can support you from start to finish. We can also support one of your managers with all the necessary training, advice, documentation, etc, to ensure the process is completed correctly under the current legal framework.
  • Large-scale activities may need greater support and guidance in the case of business sight relocation and large recruitment drives which may, in turn, create significant induction cohorts.
  • If you find you have a serious employment relations case, it may be appropriate that it is referred up to the HR Director to manage.

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