About Us

Friendly, qualified team providing HR expertise across Surrey and surrounding area

Tracey Barney founded Guildford HR 7 years ago, and the mission was to make it straightforward for business leaders to understand their responsibilities when employing people.

It is not all about compliance and policies, we support employees, manage recruitment, onboarding, development programmes and so much more.

The business has grown and we now have a team of 4 experts. This provides us with the flexibility and availability that a business requires. We offer HR support at a fraction of the cost of employing a part time HR Manager.

The team have a broad range of experience and can offer support to restructure your business or if you need guidance at Director level. As well as managing the administration of employee documents, on site or remotely.

We offer pay as you go services, with no long contracts. For projects we can agree a short contract. Tracey’s intention from the start was to provide a flexible service with no long-term commitments. Our clients like this approach, but often have been with Guildford HR for years.

Our Values

Transparent, Affordable, Flexible, Solution Driven

The consultants, enjoy working with your managers to inspire their teams, to deliver their best. This is why several of our clients, despite no contract, have worked with us for years.

We work with clients during start-up, growth phases, restructuring, acquisition, or mergers, offering practical solutions. Our clients tell us we are knowledgeable and keep up to date, but that we don’t just give them a template or guide on the relevant employment law, we discuss suitable options. We discuss commercial options and understand the need to balance risk. For some client’s, we are part of the management team.


Our flexible approach means that you get what you need when you need it from a friendly, experienced, and qualified team.


We are a team of experienced and qualified consultants, supported by a legal helpline with an up-to-date HR database.


We are approachable experts, unbiased, striking that tricky balance between being professional and friendly.

Why choose us

Tailored HR Support – no retainer

Our knowledge and flexibility allow you to call on our services when you have anything HR related to deal with. The team have held all roles within an HR department, including being an Executive Director, and we understand your business priorities.

We have had roles in small and large companies and we know how difficult the role of a business leader is. Our clients, often ask Tracey to support them in areas outside typical HR activities, for example when setting up a new business.

The team provides solutions tailored specifically to your needs. For example, a consultant, has been the part time HR Manager for a client for several years, the client is pleased to have a flexible resource, that is on site and visible to the employees if needed. The client is confident they get expert support at a fraction of the cost.