HR policies for your business

*updated April 2024

Our policies are compact and concise, making them easy to implement. They are practical with effective and efficient HR processes born from years of employment law experience. 

They are comprehensive covering the full range of tricky employment issues busy employers have to deal with every day.

Fully legally compliant as they include all relevant employment legislation and updated with the significant changes in April 2024.

Even where a policy or procedure isn’t specifically required by law, employers often find it helpful to have a policy in place to provide clear guidance that reflects the legal framework for handling different scenarios.

Our policies are all integrated and if you bought the full range, employees and managers can cross refer between different policies. This is not common with other policies you may purchase. This makes the employer’s life easier.

We understand one size does not fit all.

Bespoke polices are requested regularly by our clients, we use our template policies that are drafted by a lawyer and our experts tailor them to the specific needs of your business. 

Why should a business have HR policies?

Our policies are all updated for all the changes in April 2024, this is an onerous task for employers, why don’t you consider buying the range of policies directly from us, it will save you considerable time and they are guaranteed to be compliant. 

If you buy policies from us, we will advise you of when a policy needs to be updated, ensuring you are compliant.

It is so important that employers understand their duties and obligations, policies that are properly implemented benefit fair treatment, preventing discrimination and protection from harassment.

Our client’s find our policies are easy to read, setting out how employees should behave and represent the business.  This is particularly important for when a new employee joins as it helps them understand company expectations and helps prevent problems in the future. 

Our team will work with you to ensure you have the right policies for your business. 

Training and Support for Managers

Guildford HR are passionate about supporting our clients, this is why many of our clients stay with us for years, as they can rely on us to provide the right solution. The team can help your managers with practical training to explain how policies can be used in your business.  As well as developing HR policies, we can provide operating procedures and helpful checklists for line managers. 

Of course, when an HR problem arises that a manager needs guidance, we provide timely, professional and practical HR advice.  Our experts can provide support via the telephone, email, or in person.

Have you updated your policies for all the changes in April 2024?