Our Fees

Pay As You Go HR Administrator

An experienced HR Administrator to support and undertake the maintenance of employee records, populate template documents, and update both paper and electronic records.

£55 per hour. Please contact us for more information.

Pay As You Go HR Manager

An experienced part-time HR Manager to support your business when you need it. Guildford HR can cover all the tasks an in-house HR Manager would be responsible for.

£90 per hour. Please contact us for more information.

Pay As You Go HR Director

Tracey Barney has been a Managing Director of a £70 million turnover business and has also been both an Executive and Non-Executive Director. Tracey provides part-time services based on both a contract basis but also on an ad-hoc basis to provide businesses with strategic support.

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Other Services

Project work is normally at £90 per hour and covers a range of topics, for example, implementing new processes, resource planning, talent acquisition, and retention, reward, and benefits, offering guidance during restructures, etc.

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We offer a range of services dependent on client requirements, from advert creation to selection and supporting successful candidates with their onboarding journey.

Our fees vary depending on the task for example £55 per hour for the administration of tasks and £90 per hour when qualified guidance is required

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Monthly Support

Some clients request a number of hours per week or per month – dependent on their requirements. The contract can be as short as 3 months.
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Breathe HR

Guildford HR is a Breathe HR silver partner, we charge the same rates as Breathe do, and we can provide support for the implementation of the system. Depending on your requirements, our fee will either be £55 per hour or £90 per hour. Breathe HR is an intuitive system and some of our clients are happy to manage the system themselves, alternatively, we can be the administrator with remote access, which is fully GDPR compliant.

Prices exclude VAT

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