Childcare Funding and Increasing the Workforce

childcare funding and increasing the workforce

The UK government have introduced a new initiative in helping women return to the workplace.  In doing so, the plan is to extend free childcare hours in England for all children aged nine months to five years by September 2025.

The data from the Childcare Survey states that the cost of childcare can be as much as 65% of one parent’s net monthly income, however, in some areas the cost is greater, especially if there are two or more children needing childcare while the parent(s) work.

Statistics show that it is predominantly women who are finding it difficult to work or are working less hours than they would like due to the cost of childcare.  Then there is the problem of childminders and nurseries closing which therefore reduces the childcare options available to parent(s).

This new initiative is generally seen as a positive, as it will enable women to have the option if they wish of returning to work sooner (once the child is 9 months old), as they will then get support with their childcare costs.  It will also increase gender equality and will enable businesses to retain a highly skilled workforce.

Employers have a responsibility to support their employees, therefore this could mean the introduction of on-site childcare facilities.  The benefits of this would be that the employee is close to their child so not only reassuring for a new parent but also more convenient for them. Childcare fees could be deducted from employees via a salary sacrifice scheme.  This would financially benefit the family especially with the rise of the current cost of living.  Having this facility could also attract potential high-quality candidates when recruiting.

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* Joeli Brearley, CEO and Founder or Pregnant Then Screwed.