Employee Assistance Programmes

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Employee assistance programmes – valued by employees and cost-effective for employers

Guildford HR has just implemented an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) for one of our clients and it reminded us just how valuable this service can be for employees and their families. Small employees will be surprised how cost-effective this service is and how much it is valued by the employees. We have also found that employers want to do the right thing and just don’t know how to help an employee who is in need of professional help or guidance.

An EAP can help your business to support employees’ concerns across many areas that may affect their performance in work, for example, problems at home, financial topics, landlord disputes, health concerns, and work issues. Recently, with employees returning to work back in the office, we have found the EAP service provides valuable ongoing support to employees experiencing mental health problems, stress, concerns about the transition back to the workplace.

The services that EAPs provide vary, we recommend a service that offers support for short-term counselling, legal advice, and not just employment advice but for example how to approach landlord issues, debt management etc. This is a free confidential service that employees can reach out to online or via the helplines.

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