Dignity in the Workplace

Dignity in the Workplace

If there is no dignity in the workplace, it can create low morale amongst employees as well as reduced productivity.  Employees may resign as a result which will mean a substantial loss of skills to the business as well as additional costs such as recruitment and training.

Currently, the subject of a toxic culture in the workplace is highly talked about in the media.  A toxic working environment will have a very significant negative impact on an employee’s mental health, sometimes with tragic outcomes.

In 2022, allegations of bullying in the workplace reaching employment tribunals increased to a record high of 835 from 581 over twelve months.  It appears that many complainants, in leading businesses, are being paid off and signing non-disclosure agreements.  Therefore, business leaders are wanting to prevent any damage to the company’s reputation, instead of improving the business culture.

It is vital how an employee feels and how they are treated in the workplace. Key phrases are ‘dignity’ and ‘feeling heard while at work’.  Employees will also watch how others are treated and how leaders respond to poor conduct and behaviour.

Many businesses use a Mission, or Vision Statement which includes phrases around inclusion, value, and respect of their employees.  These go hand in hand with glossy pictures of smiling teams and individuals.  Unfortunately, there is evidence to suggest that what is going on within the business is nothing like what is in the Mission Statement.

People seem to be reluctant to report bullying or poor behaviour at work. Therefore, having a genuine Dignity/Bullying Policy should encourage all employees to report any behaviour that they feel isn’t appropriate.  It should enable employees to feel they can act without fear of getting into trouble or worrying that nothing will be done.

Within our suite of policies Guildford HR are pleased to be able to offer to our clients the following related policies for purchase.

  • Harassment and Bullying Policy
  • Wellbeing Policy
  • Grievance Policy
  • Whistleblowing Policy

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