Man reading and amending a policy

Gross Misconduct dismissals  – what policies does an employer need?

Employers can define their own policies, noting what types of behaviour will be classed as gross misconduct, however it is important to consider what is perhaps a zero-tolerance type conduct, e.g. theft, use of drugs or breaches of safety procedures or a lesser offence that could be classed as misconduct. It is important that these policies are well…

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Several members of the team having a team meeting around a table

Introducing the Benefits of a Complete Solution for your Employment Policy Requirements

A well-defined set of employment policies is essential for UK employers. Clear and concise policies provide guidelines and expectations for both employers and employees, ensuring fairness, compliance, and effective communication. This article explores the significant advantages that arise from having a clear and concise set of employment policies in the UK. Clarity and Understanding Clear…

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