We can supply you with everything you need when you first take on staff

Keeping you legal

Employment law changes, don’t get caught out.

Employment law changes frequently; we will alert you when a change affects your business.



Support in handling disputes

Professional, confidential support for you and your team

Anyone running a business will need to handle some form of workplace dispute at some time. We will be happy to support you personally or one of your team directly. We can give you qualified advice backed up with a step by step process.

Alternatively, we can come to your office or site and manage the process with you.


GDPR Compliance

Ensuring you are GDPR compliant

The GDPR regulation came into effect on 25th May 2018 replacing the current Data Protection Act of 1998: standardising and strengthening the rights of citizens and employees to data privacy.

Private data must meet the new standards of transparency, security and accountability.  Employees are entitled to find out what data you store, how secure it is and the purpose of holding it on electronic and paper files.

To comply with the new regulation, you have obtained consent from your employees to keep this information on file.  Non-compliant companies can face fines up to 4% of annual global turnover or €20m (whichever is highest) for serious offenses such as not gaining sufficient consent.

If you haven’t started work on your GDPR compliance, Guildford HR can help draw up a straight forward action plan for your business. Contact us today so we can help you understand what you need to do and discuss your business needs further. Guildford HR will offer practical solutions and can consider different options to help you today. If you haven’t started the process, it’s never too late. Take action today.


Company Policies and Procedures

Getting everyone on the same page

We can supply your business with templates covering company operating procedures and HR policies, where appropriate. We can provide standard templates, or we can develop bespoke documentation for you.

We can also review these once a year for you to ensure they are still relevant for your business.


Staff handbook

Clarity for you and your team

A staff handbook is not a legal requirement but we recommend that you have a small friendly booklet/document for your employees. These can be printed or provided electronically.

The handbook can set out how your employees should behave and how they should represent your business. We think this is especially important when a new employee joins as it will help them understand what you expect from them, and will go a long way to preventing issues in the future.


Health & Safety

Protecting people, property and possessions

For a small business, Health & Safety legislation can be daunting, we can point you in the right direction so you understand your obligations as an employer.

We can follow this up with an initial checklist for your business, this will be suitable for most sectors, but we can also recommend a specialist who can come out to your location and complete a full audit and make practical recommendations.


Employment Contracts

Custom created employment contracts to protect you and your team

Employment law requires you to give a written employment contract to all of your employees within two months of them starting work for you.

There are a number of different types of employment contracts; it is important you use the right contract for your business. This is not difficult and we have standard templates to help you.

No two businesses/charities are alike, so we do recommend an employment contract is drawn up specifically for your business, this does not need to run to many pages, but it will then reflect your business needs more accurately.

If you already have employment contracts in place, we can review these to see if they are still relevant for your business and legally compliant.

Once a year after you join us, we can check in to see if your company’s needs have changed and whether we need to reflect this in your employment documentation.



Ensuring your business understands the correct procedure

Going through a potential redundancy process can be very stressful for any business, and especially so for a small business that has many competing priorities.

We can work with you to ensure you follow the correct procedure as well as support you with all the required documentation. If it helps you, we can come to your site and manage the process with you.

There are some basic first steps before you proceed – please call us first!


Sickness and Absence

How to treat people fairly and within the law?

You are busy running your business/charity and you may not know how to deal with sickness absence. It is important to treat people fairly and in compliance with the law.

Short-term absence is really difficult for you to manage, you may need to get temporary staff at short notice, or else it can put a strain on your small team.

We recommend some simple steps to ensure that employees have an understanding of what is expected of them. This will help you ensure you treat all employees fairly.

When your employee returns to work have a conversation with them about their absence and make a record of the conversation.

If you are not clear if the sickness absence is genuine, call us first to discuss the next steps in the conversation with the employee.

Long-term absence is a major concern to a small business but this is an area we really recommend you get advice. We will support you through the various options for example making adjustments or supporting a phased return to work. However, if you think the employee may not come back to work we can also discuss what other options you may have.


The disciplinary process

How to act fairly and responsibly

Going through a Disciplinary process with one of your employees is stressful and can have a real impact on the whole business.

Employer’s need to follow the correct legal procedure to prevent your business from getting a claim for unfair dismissal. There are some clear steps that can be found on the ACAS website (Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service), but we can support you every step of the process, including offering support on-site, or training one of your team to conduct parts or all of the process.

  • Establish the facts and consider how serious the allegation is.
  • If necessary invite the employee to a formal meeting with you to discuss it.
  • Give the employee reasonable notice and all the information about the alleged misconduct and the potential outcome in advance of the meeting.
  • Have the meeting and give the employee a chance to respond to what they have heard.
  • Decide after the meeting what your decision is and confirm this in writing.
  • Inform the employee of their right to appeal, and follow an appeals process if necessary.

If you do not contact us, then please do go to www.acas.org.uk to understand the legal process as well as how to handle the meetings themselves.


Employment Law Advice

We help you keep on the right side of the law

The UK employment law is constantly changing, with regular advice and support businesses can avoid costly claims.

Here are some recent examples of some of the areas that we have given recent advice?

  • We can let you know in advance about any changes to employment law that you might need to know about. For example, how will the new minimum wage pay rates affect your business next year? We can then prepare letters to send out to your employees to inform them of any such changes.
  • You may have been asked by an employee about Maternity and Parental leave, and you do not know what your legal commitment is as a small business.
  • You need to make an employee redundant and you know there is a process but not sure how to go about it.
  • Discrimination – there are often articles in the newspapers and you may have questions about how to protect your business?
  • You are thinking of dismissing an employee and you want to know what do you need to do.
  • A team member has raised a complaint, this could be judged in employment law as a Grievance and you are not sure what you need to do.
  • Working Time Directive – you have heard about the rules but do not understand how this may affect your business.


  • Guildford HR arranged for Premier Risk Services to review our current H&S compliance. This involved a site visit to our premises to advise us on current practice and produce a plan of recommendation for further improvement as required. A detailed report was produced, explaining key findings in more detail, along with suggested solutions. Having an expert in the field discuss this with you in person and answer your questions, really helps you identify the areas you may need to look a little further into. We would highly recommend Premier Risk Services.

    Graeme Donnelly – Director

  • Guildford HR is a Breathe Silver Partner and I have had the pleasure of working with Tracey, Angie and Kath for just over 2 years. By offering Breathe as part of their services, they have been able to support their clients remotely and provide them with pro-active support. They provide such valuable support to SME’s across Surrey, North Hampshire and West Sussex and truly believe in giving SME’s the time back to focus on their people, not paper.

    Bethan Roles


  • Guildford HR provide us with an ongoing HR consultancy service – they are our “HR Department”. Their knowledge and flexibility allows us to draw on their services when we have anything HR related to deal with. This has helped us shape our company, ensuring staff are treated both fairly and professionally. As a small business such as ours, I would have no hesitation in recommending Guildford HR for all matters regarding HR.

    Graeme Donnelly

    Response IT Services

  • We asked Guildford HR to help update our HR processes and procedures as our company has been growing and we wanted to ensure we had everything in place for our employees. Guildford HR installed BreatheHR which is a cloud-based human resource information system.  We are now able to store all of our employee data in this system, including contracts, offer letters, right to work and all training certificates and important information such as emergency contacts too.  Employees can book annual leave which automatically links to their line manager for approval and is a great self-serve aspect of the system. Managers are able to make use of the calendar when approving holidays and can ensure that there are still employees around for key dates. We manage our performance reviews through Breathe too. Having all the employee data in one place has been greatly beneficial to our company, replacing the spreadsheet and hard copy filing that we had before. With the system comes document storage enabling us to place all of our company policies and procedures for employees to view.  We can even select who or what department can get access to the files.  The team at Guildford HR is efficient and very professional.  I would definitely recommend them to other businesses looking to place their HR data in one place.

    Kirsty Kay – HR Director

    Eseye Limited

  • Take a look at this video testimonial from Bethan Roles of BreatheHR

    Bethan Roles


  • Guildford HR have worked for Eseye since December 2018. At the time we brought them in we were in need of HR help across a very broad set of HR related issues as this had not been a focus of the company previously, due to us being a start-up. Their performance was excellent and extremely influential in our culture change within the company. Specifically, they helped us implement a new overall HR system (BreatheHR), a new outsourced payroll, a new recruitment process and implement our first all employee evaluation process and company-wide pay review. These changes have been fundamental to our business strategy and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any prospective client.

    Nick Earle CEO

    Eseye Ltd

  • Angie is an exceptional VA! She is highly focused and organised and approaches all aspects of her work with efficiency and professionalism. Excellent communication means that Angie’s work is always exactly what we need and asked for, often exceeding expectations. Angie is a great asset and valued member of our team.


    Cre8tive Space Limited

  • I have worked with Tracey Barney for many years. We have worked on several different commercial projects together. Tracey has a broad sales and marketing experience, and has specific knowledge of HR, supply chain and project management.   Tracey has always had a keen interest in "people solutions" and has significant experience in applying this skill to a broad range of business challenges and achieve positive outcomes.    


    Bridgethorne Limited

  • I had the pleasure of working with Tracey for more than 10 years on business restructures, and projects related to new product development.

    Her drive, determination and commercial acumen were an asset to the business and we enjoyed many successful collaborations. I'm looking forward to our next project together! "


    Acre Technical Services Limited

  • Earlier this year I had the opportunity to work with Tracey on an SAP system implementation, where the implications touched all colleagues and the fundamental ways of working and structure of the Business. Tracey takes a very pragmatic but active role with both Change and Talent Management, and is comfortable to operate at all levels of the Business to support and introduce required changes.


    Paice Consulting Limited

  • Guildford HR supported me this year with a complex Grievance and Disciplinary matter. The process was well managed and support was delivered when I needed it. Apart from understanding the legal implications to the business concerned, Guildford HR were able to suggest a pragmatic solution on the best way forward for both parties.

    Guildford HR has commercial experience as well as being able to concisely tell you what you need to know to protect your business; I found them to be both efficient and affordable.


    Anything HR Limited