Keeping up to date with GDPR

What are the ICO doing during COVID-19?

Can you believe it is two years ago that we were working to understand and implement the new GDPR legislation into our businesses? Do you keep up to date with the information they provide, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The ICO has set up a data protection and coronavirus information hub which you can access here. It has a lot of useful information and advice such as working from home and what you should consider.

Security checklist: checking what your security vulnerabilities might be as people have had to switch from working in the office and the IT network security, to working from home and what needs to be considered to protect your data.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Considerations in relation to company-issued devices and security updates. Employees using their own devices to access company software and Employees using their own devices which could result in high-security vulnerabilities.

Working from Home Securely: Ten top tips for working safely from home

Video Conferencing: What to watch out for (a blog post by Ian Hulme)

Stay One Step Ahead of Scammers: Unfortunately, there are many scams taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic targeting those that are vulnerable at this time. This article gives simple steps to stay safe and not fall victim to these criminals.

Last week (5th May 2020) Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner at the ICO set out new priorities for UK Data Protection during COVID-19 and beyond, acknowledging that the onus is on them to provide the expertise and input at pace.

Stating the importance to continue to protect people’s privacy. The ICO have reshaped their priorities for the coming months, assessing where they need to focus to protect public interest whilst supporting economic growth and innovation:

  • Protecting the public interest
  • Enabling responsible data sharing
  • Monitoring intrusive and disruptive technology

The following priorities have been identified to focus on:

  1. Protecting vulnerable citizens
  2. Supporting economic growth and digitalisation, including for small businesses
  3. Shaping proportionate surveillance
  4. Enabling good practice in AI
  5. Enabling transparency
  6. Maintaining business continuity: developing new ways of working in readiness for recovery

This means some ICO projects are being paused, but they will still be maintaining statutory functions, including dealing with complaints and investigating data breach reports.

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